Slotted Wooden Pot Spoon and Fork, 12 Inch Cherry

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Do you prefer not to rest your cooking utensils on your counter or spoon rest? The perfect solution: our set of slotted wooden "pot spoon" and "pot fork" are kitchen utensils like none you've ever seen! They have slots cut into the handles allowing you to stir the food in your pot, then rest the spoon or fork on the edge of the pot with the slot in the handle! Yankee ingenuity provided us with this innovative solution, allowing your utensil to remain over the pot so the drippings return to the pot, and not mess up your countertop!

Plus, since the wooden spoon and wooden fork are make of Cherry wood, their handles won't get too hot to handle! Of course, wooden utensils also won't scratch any non-stick pot surfaces. Includes 1 "pot spoon" and 1 "pot fork", each is approximately 12 inches long.

Made in Vermont.