Oak Barrel Drink Dispenser, Age & Dispense Wine and Spirits

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Air-tested for quality, guaranteed to seal and be leak-proof or we'll send you a replacement. Matures off-the-shelf wine & spirits! 

"Thank you for making me look good", "They really love it & I couldn't be happier!" "WOW what a great gift"
Just a few comments from happy gift givers who chose our personalized white oak barrel dispenser! Handcrafted in America by a skilled cooper, each barrel includes a medium toast char on the inside to help mature and age your favorite drink. Includes a bung, spigot, and unfinished pine stand.

Premium laser engraving customization
A memorable gift, you can make it even more unique by personalizing it. Choose from our premium laser engraved designs and personalize by name and year (if applicable).
Choose From 3 Oak Barrel Sizes
Our most popular gift-giving size is 2 Liter, which decants 2.5 fifths (1/2 gallon) of spirit and is perfect to have around for a small social gathering. Or you can choose the large 3 Liter which decants 4 fifths of spirit and is great for those who frequently entertain guests. Our largest barrel is the 5 Liter, which decants about 1.25 gallons of spirit. This size is a real stand out in any room! Each handcrafted in the United States. Alcohol not included. Complete curing instructions included.
Barrel will be engraved exactly as entered above. If you would like an apostrophe and/or s included ('s), please include it in your personalization. 


Important note about wood engraving: The images displayed for this product feature the actual barrel in natural sunlight with an overlay of the exact design file used by the engraver for personalization. White oak is a beautiful wood species; rich in natural grain pattern and density so the appearance of the engraving can vary (lighter or darker) based upon the wood's own character.  You may see some contrast differences within an engraved design on your barrel.  This is perfectly normal & makes your barrel truly unique.  You can be assured that New England Trading Co. will make every effort to ensure the quality of your barrel.