The Actual Film Votive, Genuine 35mm Film from Hollywood Classics

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Handcrafted by a film collector, this timeless gift features a single frame of actual film from a major Hollywood motion picture embedded on the side of a frosted candle votive. Great American classic film images, rescued from the trash, come to life on each candle when you light it becauce the flame is centered directly behind the film. As movie theaters make the transition from film to digital, these nostalgic 35mm film reels from a bygone era are slowly disappearing. 

Cherish Hollywood's iconic images with your own upcycled film votive. Choose from:a
It's a Wonderful Life
Star Wars
Wizard of Oz
Elvis movie
Harry Potter

Each Actual Film Votive arrives ready for gifting with a tealight, yellow tissue paper, and vintage popcorn box. Measures 2" x2" x 2". Film cell scene for each movie will vary. 

Made in the USA