The Maine Blanket Itch-Free Wool Throws, Cream

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The ultimate green source of warmth. These non-itch 100% wool throws are crafted on a Maine farm that not only raises the grass-fed sheep and trains the border collies that herd the flock but also shears the fine wool and dyes it with wild-gathered botanicals. Woven on antique shuttle looms in a century-old woolen mill, each ultra-soft throw is a labor of love. 

An exclusive dyeing process using seawater and solar power replaces the need for chemicals, acids, and petroleum heat. This care ensures no chemical itch is added to the already itch-free wool. Wonderfully soft and natural.

Examples of The Maine Blanket are currently on display at the Maine State Museum. Now you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of these original, all-natural throws right in your own home. Supplies are limited.

45" x 70"

Made in Maine.