The New Modern Coastal Design for Interiors

The New Modern Coastal Design for Interiors

Posted by New England Trading Co on 24th May 2022

Modern coastal decor is a minimalist approach that blends soothing coastal colors with light, airy spaces.

While coastal design has been popular for many years, a new emerging style of "modern coastal decor" is fast taking center stage.

This type of design is inspired by the colors and textures of the coast, with a minimalist twist.

Rather than an overload of anchors and starfish, a modern coastal design aesthetic is all about celebrating the laid-back simple pleasures of life by the water.

How Modern Coastal Design Differs from Nautical Decor

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Modern coastal design is inspired by the colors and textures of the beach, and seeks to create the open, airy feel of walking on the coast.

Nautical decor is more focused on maritime history and culture, and often includes elements like ships' wheels and anchors.

Coastal design is often lighter and brighter than nautical decor, incorporating more watery hues of blue and green, while traditional nautical decor relies on navy, stripes, and fun pops of coastal color.

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Both design types create a gorgeous look in any coastal home, but in this article we'll focus on how to achieve the beachy modern coastal design interior.

Top Style Elements of Light & Airy Modern Coastal Design

Start with a white, airy canvas

Soft white walls are a great way to brighten up your home and create an open and light feel.

The key to choosing the right white is to go for a calm & relaxed approach; avoid selecting too stark a white which can create the opposite effect.

Read on for our picks of creamy whites and even soft grays that can achieve your goal.

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If you want to achieve a good balance of light in your room, you should use different shades of white depending on the direction the room faces.

For example, if your room faces north, select a warm white tone, whereas if your room faces south, you should use a cool white.

This will help ensure that your room is well lit, no matter which direction it faces. It will also make the room feel more open and welcoming.

Top picks for white paint color for modern coastal design:

Cool: Try Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore or Paper White by Benjamin Moore

Neutral: Sherwin Williams, Alabaster or Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Warm: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee or Simply White or Snowfall

Keep window treatments minimal

When it comes to window treatments in a coastal home, less is often more. Make the most of natural light by avoiding heavy drapes or blinds.

Instead, opt for simple treatments that can easily adjust to let in maximum light. There is nothing like natural light for creating an open and airy home.

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Popular treatments include canvas roman blinds, top down/bottom up blinds, and sometimes even a light woven straw that allows light in but gives you privacy.

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Weathered Wood Floors

Balancing out the airiness created by a light palette, modern coastal decor utilizes wood floors to create warmth (like sand on the beach). Weathered & distressed flooring adds beach house charm, so stay away from highly polished flooring.

Choose light colors - blonde or warm golden to grays and driftwood tones - instead of dark browns or black.

For high humidty or traffic areas, there are very attractive and functional wood-look vinyl tile options now available. These solutions have come a long way in the last few years.

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Incorporate texture with natural elements

Coastal design is all about creating a relaxed, natural atmosphere inspired by the shoreline.

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To achieve this look, furniture is often made from light woods, rattan or wicker, and fabrics are kept crisp linen or canvas in light shades.

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Choose coastal accessories like seagrass baskets, a woven straw hat, a teal scarf hanging in the entry, driftwood pieces, a natural beach stone lamp, and other accessories can be dotted around the room to add interest.

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Use soft coastal colors for pillows and accent pieces

To further enhance the relaxed, beachy feel in your modern coastal design, add plenty of soft pillows and accent pieces like coastal picture frames in light neutral shades.

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This can include pastel blues and greens inspired by the ocean, as well as sandy beiges or blondes that evoke images of sand dunes. These colors will help to create a tranquil feel in your space that is perfect for creating a relaxing retreat.

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Here are some favorite coastal colors that add the blue and green vibe:

Sherwin Williams Tradewind, Meander Blue, Scanda, Blissful Blue, Cloudless

Behr Coastal Mist, Tahoe Blue, Ocean and Gentle Sea, Basin Blue, Beachside, Pure Turquoise

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Use charming coastal touches

In modern coastal design, there is certainly a place for shells and starfish, seaglass in a bowl, a coastal candle, a piece of coral styled on a bookshelf, stripes on a pillow, or glass bottles.

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The key is to be minimal; avoid going too overboard with coastal symbols or collections in one area. Balance it out with space.

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By following these simple tips, you can create a light and airy modern coastal vibe in your home that will make you feel relaxed and inspired. With just a few easy updates and coastal accessories, you can give your home the perfect summer edit!

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Looking for more coastal accessories?

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.”
-Robert Wyland

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