Wicked Good Nautical Rope Doormat, Rainbow Stripe

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There's just no way you can't smile when you see this nautical rope mat! And your guests will love it, too. But, it's so much for than a pretty face. Wicked Good mats are handwoven in Maine using ultra-durable and heavy weight lobster rope making them ready for all four seasons. Rain and snow simply washes through these all-weather mats. Fully water, mildew, and mold-resistant, plus they won't harbor odors as some mats do when they dry. Perfect for home, boat, or camper. We use a heavy-duty polypropylene rope that lends a nice, hefty feeling weight to the mats: Medium (18" x 30") weighs 6-7 pounds and the Large (24" x 36") weighs in at 9-10 pounds. The raised woven design is ready to scrub the mud from your shoes and trap the dirt. Fully reversible, easy to clean with a good shake and hose down, and fast drying.

A warm, cheery welcome at your door. 
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple: all the rich colors of the rainbow displayed at your front door. They are ready to greet your guests and keep out the mud. Try one - they're wicked good!
Wicked Good brand doormats handwoven in Maine using some of the toughest imported and domestic fishing rope around. Each is approximately 1" thick. Recommended for outdoor use on non-skid surfaces only.