Wood Bowl and Board Preserver, Organic and Food Safe

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First used in 1820 by colonial bowl turners, this secret 190-year-old formula adds a gorgeous non-sticky sheen to bowls and boards, while protecting and preserving the wood. Used in antique stores throughout New England to dress up garage finds and other treasures, you can use it on your own bowls and boards because it is organic, food-safe, and has no scent.

Our bee's oil wood preserver is made from an emulsion of carnauba oil, beeswax, and 3 natural oils - the exact formula remains a secret.  The bee's oil preserver penetrates the wood and leaves a soft, protective luster to all wooden items. Recommended for all fine wooden bowls, cutting boards, butcher blocks, and wooden utensils. Use once a week for a month on all new bowls and boards, and then as needed based upon use. If your home is very dry, we suggest using the rub monthly.

Directions: With a clean cloth rub your wood bowl generously inside and out. Let it stand at least 15 minutes and buff off excess bowl rub. The rub penetrates all wooden surfaces to prevent drying cracking and adds a soft luster. Please use Board and Bowl Rub on any wood surface made with craftsmen's pride. Rub generously twice monthly.

Every one of our wooden bowls is already rubbed with the bee's oil wood preserver before it is shipped to you. We strongly recommend you use it after you receive your wooden bowl to keep it in terrific condition no matter how much it is lovingly used over the years. 8 oz.

Made in USA.